eDampf-Shop offers you e-cigarettes and vaping supplies

We offer a variety of e-cigarettes and vaping equipment to everyone - no matter if beginners, advanced or pros. At eDampf-Shop you can find beginner e-cigarette kits, powerful batteries as well as atomizer for the absolute vaping pleasure. Additionally, with our guidance for beginners we support you in finding your first e-cigarette and with our tutorials (containing text, pictures and videos) we like to show you the right handling of our high-quality branded vaping supplies.

The changeover from smoking to vaping made easy: beginner vaping kits

Our assortment of beginner e-cigarette kits offers you an ideal base to successfully stop smoking and start vaping. The kits contain all the supplies you need to get started with vaping, such as two all-in-one e-cigarette devices, replaceable atomizer heads, adapters and charger. Numerous famous vaping manufacturers offer beginner vape kits on the market, Kangertech and Joyetech have to be highlighted as a great part of vaping beginners mastered the changeover from smoking to vaping successfully.

Atomizers - the 'heart' of the e-cigarette

The atomizer functions as the centerpiece of e-cigarettes as it is the part of e-cig which converts the e-liquid into vapor. The principle remains the same in all e-cigarettes but there is a vast variety of atomizers on the market. If you are searching for the best flavor you will find it at our atomizers category. We offer you various replaceable atomizer heads for beginners and clearomizers as well as rebuildable atomizers for advanced vapers of famous brands such as Eleaf, Kanger, Joyetech, Vision, SMOK, etc.

Matching batteries - the source of power and vapor

A well working e-cigarette needs powerful recharchable batteries. Batteries especially made for e-cigarettes have specific features like vv/vw mode (variable Volt/variable Watt) to be able to modify vaping by voltage or power. Additionally you can find battery carriers and Box Mods which carry powerful industrial batteries of manufactures like Efest, Samsung and Panasonic in our store.

The variety of e-liquids

E-liquids in numerous different flavors are the tobacco replacement in e-cigarettes and are meant to mimic the "flash" of a tobacco cigarette, depending on the nicotine concentration put into the e-liquid. They are usually containing of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, water, flavors and - if needed - nicotine and you can get them in nicotine concentrations from 0 mg to 18 mg. If you are a vaping beginner it is a good advice to start with a high nicotine concentration like 18 mg in order to experience a similar feeling to smoking. Our e-liquids category offers you a wide range of high-quality flavors for all kinds of taste like different tobacco flavors, mixtures of fruits or sweets an even more complex flavors containing a variety of aromas. Most of our e-liquids are made in Germany by Liquid-NRW or ZAZO but we will expand our range by premium e-liquids of for example Dinner Lady or Just Jam.

Supplies - accessories, additives and tools

In order to make vaping easier and more interesting we offer you some specified accessories. Drip Tips, for example, exchangeable mouthpieces give your e-cigarette an individual appearance and modify your vaping experience to your taste. Besides we offer you additives like chargers, adapters, accessories for rebuildable atomizers but also cases and bags to carry your e-cigarette around safely.

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